We sit down with Lew Knopp, former Navy SEAL and martial arts expert to enjoy iconic action movies while tasting small batch American Whiskey.

Universal Soldier and Templeton Rye with Alex Kunz, former Navy SEAL.
Lew and Alex are colleagues from their days serving our country as Navy SEAL’s. Who better to critique a movie set among an elite force of super warriors?

Maximum Conviction and Burnside Bourbon with Mike Janke, former SEAL team 6.
Mike Janke and Lew’s paths crossed throughout their days of service in the “teams.” Another team they’ve been dying to discuss is Stephen Seagal and Stone Cold Steve Austin.


Episode 3: SWAT TV series 1975 and San Diego Distillery Rye Whiskey
with Matt Williams, current LAPD SWAT officer.

The 1970’s “SWAT” series immortalized the Los Angeles SWAT team. Matt Williams shares his
experiences from inside the force with Lew.



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